Soia & Kyo Warm Waterproof Jackets- made for Vancouver

by Pilars Boutique

As I said in my last post about the amazing Swedish Hasbeens ” I need a coat like that” ( the one SJP had on)Scuz me, it’s here! All you need is the Soia & Kyo Fifi warm hooded waterproof jackets the SH’s and you will look like SJP. Killls it’s!

Let’s first talk about the rich brown color it comes in. Second even tho it is a puffy jacket does not mean you have to look like a puff ball. The one thing I hate about puffy jacket is most people look like the Michelin man whilst wearing it. Soia & Kyo take into consideration that even tho woman want to be warm we also want to show our figure- Hello! On another note the fur looks like real fur, the one thing that truly ruins a jacket for me is when people stick on that ratty rat’s tail on the top, bottom, side of your jacket and call it a fur trim.

1 outta 10- I give you a 9

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