Fall Fashion from A-Z: ABC

by Pilars Boutique

Ok ladies, fall is soon upon us! A couple days a week  this month I’m going to post a letter or two from the alphabet  with a Fall Fashion Trend from this season.  We are very excited to be receiving fall merchandise, and we hope you are too! Let’s start off with A,B,C…..
Abstract Patterns
What used to be trendy for your grandma’s couch, you can now wear as a jacket, in a good way.  Artful patterns, and geometric shapes took over the runways this season with a mix of bold colours. Wear the pieces together if your bold, or go with one playful piece to mix up your style without going out of your shell.  

From colours and prints there is no doubt that this fall is about being bold. Bold style, bold hair, bold make-up, and most of all bold accessories. Even if half this alphabet doesn’t apply to your style, you can always try a trend in an accessory, hair style, nail colour, or make-up for a night on the town. This isn’t so much a trend, just a friendly reminder to not be afraid to try something new! Fall is all about new beginnings!
beaded clutch with a dark nail

beaded nails

eye liner above your eye
Colour me Crazy
Bright colours aren’t just for summer anymore. Every inch of the runway was covered this year with shades and hues of the rainbow. Brights, pastels, jewel tones, earth tones, you name it you can wear it! Take something from your summer wardrobe and layer with a fall piece. This way you can get the pop of colour you desire, and wear those summer clothes you hardly got to wear this year for longer!

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