Fall Fashion from A-Z; H, I, J

by Pilars Boutique


Was it the royal wedding that made everyone hat crazy? either way, hats are back and are this seasons new essential accessory. Now I know most people think they aren’t “hat people” but it’s all about finding the right style for you. Go for more neutral colours that will match with almost every piece in your wardrobe for maximum usage. One brightly coloured fun hat is also essential, everyone likes a pop of colour or glitz to make your outfit extra trendy.
Indigo Girl
Every shade of blue was on the runway for Fall, and we like it. this rich tone works well for so many people and the options are endless. Denim is a big contender, so make the most of it, wear jeans endlessly for casual and dressy looks. Deep sapphires and ocean blues are great accent colours to black, white, and charcoal, which are basic colours for fall. Mix it up a bit, make blue a staple for your fall wardrobe.  
Jacket City
Long coats, short coats, bomber jackets & varsity leathers; do not leave your house without a jacket this season, it’s your biggest accessory. Masculine shapes and fur trims were on top of the coat game. Mixing and matching fabrics such as leather with fur trim, or even having a long tail in an accent colour will add that extra bit of excitement. It’s all about embellishments that make your jacket the key look in your outfit, not just something you wear to keep warm.  

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