Fall Fashion from A-Z; O-T

by Pilars Boutique

Hey ladies, sorry for the delay, today im going to give you O through T to make up for lost time!!

Over the top Heels         
Go big or go home. The higher the better this season, not to mention the wackier too. Designers took inspiration from the outdoors to make some pretty wacky and high heels.  We can let them speak for themselves….
You don’t have to go this extreme, but don’t be afraid to experiment with those “to die for” shoes you may have been eyeing.
Polka dot
Can you say 101 polka dots? Every form of dot, from prints, embellishments, and detailing were on everything, and I mean everything. Embrace your inner Minnie Mouse this season, try a polka dot accessory or blouse.
Quirky Prints
Any print will do, literally. From 70’s retro couch prints, wallpaper, curtains and more. Go through old pictures from back in the day to find your inspiration.  At least one over the top blouse is essential in your fall wardrobe.
Not just your favourite lip-stick colour anymore. Every shade of red was along the runway, a deep rich red however took first place.  Having at least one red piece is essential in your fall/winter wardrobe.  Find a red that works with your skin tone, it may take awhile, but it’s worth every second you wait. If you really can’t find anything, pair your everyday look with a red shoe for that extra pop of colour.
Suit yourself
Suiting for women is back, and we are in love. There’s nothing sexier than a woman in a power suit.  Masculine staples such as the white shirt, trousers, and blazers with tailored detailing are key.  Stick to more neutrals such as black, grey, taupe, beige, brown, and even white for a classic look. Feeling brave? try a matching plaid pant suit, or a brighter colour such as a red or orange blazer with your black trousers.

My personal favorite PLAID! is back again this year in full force. From jackets to pants, this is a trend that you don’t want to miss out on. I’m sure most of you have some plaid lingering in your closet somewhere, pull it out, dust it off, and wear it on a crisp fall day. Not to mention plaid goes perfect with denim!

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