One of Our Favorite Brands of the Moment: HALE BOB. WHO Is Wearing It?

by Pilar

The women that are familiar with and wear Hale Bob know that the brand has the ability to make you feel instantly chic!! It is currently very popular among every lady that is style-conscious with comfort as their prime concern. Hale Bob is known for its bright colors, bold prints and quality materials such as silk chiffons and the soft, luxurious, and uber comfortable jersey silk fabrics. The brand’s creator, Daniel Bohbot, was highly influenced by the art, music and film of Paris plus the pervading world of pop culture and the world of couture. When he visited LA in 2001 he decided that it was there that he would launch the brand, and so the rest is history. Hale Bob has become synonymous with casual glamour and celebrities from all over the globe live in the brand on an almost daily basis.

So ladies, we have lots of Hale Bob at Pilar’s Boutique, what are you waiting for? Come visit us and we’d love to help you decide on a gorgeous look À la Hale Bob. In the meantime…this is how some celebrities are wearing it, and don’t they look just fabulous?


Brooke Burke from Wild On! E Entertainment and hostess on Miss American 2011 Pageant

Sofia Vergara from Modern Family

Paris Hilton, Socialite/Actress

Salma Hayek, Actress/Director/Producer

Britney Spears, Singer/Entertainer

 Cindy Crawford, Supermodel/Activist

Maria Canals Barrera, Actress/Voice Actress/Singer

See you soon ladies! xoxo

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