2012 Spring/Summer Trends

by Pilar

For Spring 2012, we have some of fashion’s finest trends coming up. Mainly bold colors and bold prints dominated the runway in the S/S 2012 collections. Fluidity, such as fluid waist-less (and drop-waist) silhouettes were ubiquitous.  Interesting abstract prints, cut-outs and assymetrical looks on either clean, tailored dresses or more fluid dresses kept us wanting more as we goggled in delight at such beautiful creations. The bold and electric colors used such as tangerine and yellows brightened the runway and white was also a dominant color, but when is white not popular for Spring or Summer? Since 2012 is about big statements then white was seen from head to toe this time…and wear it with colorful heels with ankle straps, which will be a very popular trend in shoes as well. Feast your eyes on the highly creative yet wearable creations that we loved the most. Below are the TOP trends of this year…



Although color blocking is still a hot trend, white was delivered in various fabulous forms. It was white from head to toe for a bolder statement, and the looks were either minimalistic, fresh and sporty, or pure, innocent and ethereal. But one piece you must invest in for S/S 2012 when we all come out and play under the sunny days is an entirely white maxi dress, it will be one of the key pieces for next spring.


Black is a color that is wearable during any season, but it’s how you wear it in 2012 that makes the difference. Women will be able to play with black and pair it with bright and bold colors to create contrasting, playful and cheerful combinations. One of the top color combinations seen on runways was black and yellow and also black and white. The combination of black and white is a more neutral, smarter and more elegant option. Although the color mix makes a strong statement, the fabrics, cuts and tailoring used for these collections are sensual, feminine and flirty.
Kenzo S/S 2012
Preen S/S/ 2012

Proenza Schouler S/S 2012

Balenciaga S/S 2012

Prada S/S 2012

Alternatively, a black and white combination can be made more playful by adding bold and colorful prints on black.
Tangerine is the color for spring. Tangerine is here to combat the global economic disappointments with its vivid and spirited energy boost that all of us need to recharge, rejuvenate and move forward. It is a color of strength, courage, action and confidence. Wear tangerine from head to toe or pair it with contrasting colors such as black. You can also opt for a clutch or purse in tangerine to add that extra pop of color to a more neutral look. Alternatively you can wear a beautiful white dress for example with only hints of soft shades of tangerine like the fourth picture below.
Make a softer a delicate statement by using softer hues of tangerine. 
 2012 serves up a host of  hypnotic, vivid and punchy colorful digital prints that are reminiscent of spontaneous getaways to tropical islans. NOW, if you are genuinely sick of plaids, stripes and polka dots, well then this is the year of the digital revolution. 2012’s futuristic-print trend is for those who want to express themselves with a fresh, powerful and confident fashion-forward attitude. You don’t have to wear these prints from head to toe, you can simply incorporate them in tops, accessories (like summer scarfs) or skirts, for example. Just make sure you equip your wardrobe with some digital prints, because aside from mandarine hues, THIS is the style that will be really hot.
Which one is your favorite trend?

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