It’s that time of year…Spring Clearance

by Pilar

Ladies, I know that this Spring wasn’t the best… lots of rainy cold days…. but, on a good note for you… it is THE BEST SHOPPING TIME… and we must admit… we girls, love to shop… especially when you get to come visit the funnest store in town 😉 and get  your favorite clothes from Pilar’s at amazing deals!  We are happy to be able to give you discounted prices and just in time for our Vancouver Summer! 





We have also received many new dresses and tops that are perfect for our mild summers.  They are mostly all beautiful silk in vibrant summer colours. They can be worn dressed up with high heels and accessories to any event or dressed down with a cute pair of sandals for everyday wear.  Ladies it will always make you feel and look fabulous when you put on a beautiful outfit, even to the grocery store or around the mall and to pick up your kids.  We know the trend in Vancouver is to wear shades of grey, beige and blacks but be bold and make a statement with a more colourful wardrobe.  Our stylists can help you brighten up your wardrobe here at Pilar’s Boutique.  You will be surprised what the right colour can do for you, you can go from looking alright to absolutely glowing with the right colour.  We all know what colours will help bring out your beautiful qualities.





 An easy way to add some color to your outfit is to go for a wild shade of nail polish.  Either neon colours , candy colours, glittery colours or even metallic. Big bright colors are a trend this summer so don’t miss out on the fun.  For your hair try a side braid if you’re looking for a cute casual look, it also looks good with a bohemian style outfit.  Big loose waves is also an easy way to add a little extra to your outfit.  if you’re looking for a more elegant look then try a bump up pony tail.


See you soon ladies! xo

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