Make Smart Decisions: 5 Reasons Why it is Important to Purchase Natural Beauty Products.

by Pilar

More and more women are becoming aware of the negative effects that unnatural beauty products have on their bodies and the environment. However, there are still an immense amount of the population who are not informed of the fact that beauty and grooming products can be created from any of five thousand different toxins. These toxins include the products we rub on our skin daily. In some cases, over sixty percent of the chemicals in lotions, creams, and makeup will be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream which builds up in the organs, such as the liver, and stay in our bodies for years. Chemicals rubbed into our skin tend to enter our blood stream quickly…sometimes faster than if we were to consume them orally.

With a new awareness you should be able to avoid the use of harmful chemicals by simply reading the labels on containers and reading up on the manufacturer before you purchase. Be aware to the fact that often companies hide the true nature of ingredients or simply exclude an item due to fear of competitors. With the technological advances we have at our finger tips each day I recommend you take a few moments to learn about the company and the products they are offering before you purchase.

In order to eliminate the risk of these toxins all together, replace them with products containing natural ingredients. They not only protect you from harm, but tend to be beneficial to your body.

Here are some important and relevant advantages of using natural beauty products:

  • Natural products are earth friendly. The manufacturing of beauty products that contain harmful chemicals put those same chemicals plus more into the environment. They enter the air and water and a significant amount down the drain in your own home. Natural health and beauty products are farmed and manufactured organically therefore do not release the same toxins into the environment.
  • A way to avoid irritation. Without the harsh chemicals, artificial color and fillers in skin care products, you will avoid the cause of redness, irritation and breakouts. You will find the natural products will work with your skin, not against it. These products also tend to be hypo-allergenic.
  • Easy on your nose. In order to cover up the smell of chemicals used in unnatural products, artificial fragrances are added to the product. By using a chemical to cover up another chemical it tends to affect a person negatively by causing headaches. The natural products are scented with natural essential oils which tend to provide aromatherapy methods.
  • Paraben-free. Paraben is described as “Any of a group of compounds used as preservatives in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and in the food industry.” Meant for extending the shelf life of a product, it is synthetic and is meant to mimic your body’s natural hormones which can alter the functions of your body’s endocrine system.  Natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract, is a great way to preserve the life of a products and it will not affect your body.
  • Not tested on animals. Some cosmetics are tested on animals to ensure that they are safe and effective for us to use. You will not find a natural cosmetic that has the need to be tested on an animal, especially seeing as they do not have side effects unless you are allergic the natural ingredient itself.

For every “traditional” beauty product there is a natural product which is more effective and without any of the harmful side effects. Replace chemically laced products with natural ones today. You will have truly radiant skin as well as the positive feeling that you are doing what is best for you and your environment.


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